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  1. Community Rules

    Community Respect- All members must respect each other on the forums and in game, we do not want to see any inappropriate or offensive content on the site its we are a family/community. Use Common Sense- This rule can be used in many different ways, so just don't do anything that would not be considered common sense. No Poaching- We do have a come and leave as you please policy here but if someone has told you to leave what he did is poaching and that's a permanent ban offense. Forums No Spamming- Spamming on the forum is completely unacceptable, for no reason at all should you be spamming the forums it will not be tolerated. No posts with one word. No double posting unless its a active event post. Please stay on topic of the original post. Forum Games section is exempt from this rule. No Advertising Other Community's- This rule is in most community / clans now a days to stop people from stealing members from one community. In Game / Teamspeak No Hacking / Cheating / Griefing- When you do these things in a multiplayer game it ruins the game for other people. Three Strike Rule: Each time you violate a minor rule you will be given a strike once you receive 3 strikes you will receive one of the following depending on the number offenses 1st offense 3 day suspension 2nd offense 1 month suspension 3rd offense permanent suspension * Rules can and will change at anytime*