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  1. Nitroxygen Gaming's Birthday

    Today is a special day for the community. Way back on February 13, 2005 the website was bought. Please visit the About Nitroxygen Gaming page to learn about the history of the community.
  2. Usergroup Jobs

    Guest - Sign up on the forums A.S.A.P. Member - Welcome to the community. Active Members - These are members who are actively trying to be involved in the community. Post on the forums frequently. Play games with other active member / regular forum members regularly. Game Leader - This is a person who is dedicated more to one game and is going out of there way to play with other active member / forum member. Post on the forums more frequently then active members. Host a weekly game night. Try to play with as many members as you can. You cant just play with your one group of friends. Forum moderator of the game you are a leader for. Game Moderator (GM) - These members are in charge of the Game Leaders and will make sure they do what is required to be a Game Leader. All of Game Leaders jobs. You are a global forum moderator and will be looking after all forums. Community Manager - These people are in charge of the community and have final say on how the community is ran. All of Game Moderators jobs. Manage website. Manage community finance. Event Team - These members will hold a weekly game night that will be posted in the events section. Must hold a weekly game night on any community related game. News Team - These members will find and wright up a piece of news that will be posted to the front page. Must wright your own article. Must use sources. Must talk about technology or a game related to the community or a up coming popular game. The topic must be submitted to a Game Moderator or higher for approval before the article should be written.