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  1. Fear The Walking Dead

    Released in 2015 this epic prequal to The Walking Dead takes place at the beginning of the break out while people are still living normal lives they soon find out life will never be normal again. Season 1 consists of 6 episodes and can be watched on hulu. The show will be returning this April so if you have not started it is a good time to start Share your thoughts/opinions! I for 1 have enjoyed it so far it is cool to see how the world reacts to the infection and what they attempted to do to stop it. I am hoping somewhere along the line they meet up with rick and the gang that would be epic!
  2. Call Of Duty Chatbox

    idk either looks cool tho i like it lol
  3. New Website Theme

    I cant think of any but if i do ill let you know
  4. New Website Theme

    looks great I actually thought i was on the wrong site for a sec lol
  5. The Walking Dead

    I was just thinking about making a post about this lol i started watching it recently I am sad netlfix only has 5 seasons I am on season 4 loving it so far
  6. Call Of Duty Chatbox

    I wanna play bo3 so bad lol
  7. Member app

    In-Game Name:RoG StreakReal Name (Optional):Age:26Gender:MWhat is your primary game?:Gta, DestinyHow did you find Nitroxygen Gaming?:Was a founder of community that merged with NGHave you 'Liked' Us OnFacebook?:Not yetHave you 'Followed' Us OnTwitter?:noHave you 'Subscribed' to ourYouTube Channel?:noHave you 'Followed' ourTwitch Account?:noReferrer:ItsryanHave you joined our Teamspeak server:yesTeamspeak Name:I forget been awhileAre you a competitive gamer?:not reallyLink your introduction thread: What games do you play?:Gat, Destiny, also play my 3ds a lotWhat can you bring to Nitroxygen Gaming:various things will try my best to help anyway possibleWhat does Nitroxygen Gaming Mean To You?:Some place to call homeWhy do you want to be a part of Nitroxygen Gaming:cuz you all my pplsAre you looking for a staff positions?:sureDo you agree to therules?:yesIf no, please explain in detail:
  8. Squiggles Desitny Completed

    looks bootyful =)
  9. Hi!

    it is good to be here as well =)
  10. Global Chatbox

    I just got home from work im tired lol
  11. Global Chatbox

    what you eating I want some lol
  12. 3DS Friend codes

    If you play 3ds you can leave your friend code here mine is2810-1454-0222 I am planning on getting more games in the future but atm the only games I have are Animal Crossing New Leaf and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I am currently playing a game I borrowed from my brother called Final Fantasy Explorers hope to get some games to play with ppl in the future =)
  13. Global Chatbox

    lol I am gonna eat at work later today lol
  14. Hi!

    lol on the computer there is a button called quote
  15. Global Chatbox

    noooooo my cheese!