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    Had A Good 13 Hour Stream


    Yesterday I attempted a 24 hour stream but I only made it to 13 hours before i gave up and went to sleep.

    For the beginning of the stream I played TES3:Morrowind, that game is a rpg that puts you on a large island and have to find out why you are there and what you are going to do about it. The game was released years ago, so the textures and game plays differently then what most people are used to now a days. Morrowind is one of my favorite games and I will be playing it a lot more.

    The next game was This War of Mine. Its a different type of game, where all you do is loot places and try to keep your people alive. Its very challenging with a large amount of replay.

    The third game I played last night was Cities:Skylines. This game is the newest game out of the 3 where all you do if create a city and manage it so its making profit so you can expand the city. Its a basic concept but it takes hours to make a city that's large enough to support 50k people and even longer to make it so the traffic in the city is running smoothly. In the end this was the most fun I had last night only because I was getting tired and doing stupid things to my city. I filled a large lake with wind turbines and made a 6 line highway to all 4 corners of the city.

    In the end I enjoyed the live stream and will be doing a great amount more.

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