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Ads and New Youtube Video

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I have recently added ads back to the website because im going to be teaming up with another small community to help get this community back up to its glory as it once was. There are currently 2 ads on the website, one is below the first post of every topic and this is so people will see them and i will be able to maximize the impressions. So you are all aware impressions does not mean $$$, all it means is how many people have seen the ad in a given time. The second location is only seen by people who are not signed into the website and that can be seen at the very top of the page. For you who use a adblock, I use google ads only so it will only show ads from your search history. So please turn off the ad blocker while you are visiting the forums.

I have just finished making a tutorial video on how to install Linux. There is many types of Linux and the one I have chosen is called Mint. Its similar to windows so people will be able to relate to it. In the video I gave step by step instructions on how to install Linux and update it to the newest version. Please take a look at the video if you are at all interested in a free alternative to windows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJv6xocV2XQ

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