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Tapatalk, Confirm Email and More

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As some of you are aware I have added a few plugins to help get the website/ community up and going. The main plugin and biggest is tapatalk. For the few people who don't know what tapatalk is, its a plugin that lets users use there phone to go on forums and post from there phone. Tapatalk is becoming a must have plugin for all community's. I suggest you go and download tapatalk for your phone, its free to use and makes going to this community much easier.

Confirm Email Address was the next plugin I installed, and it makes it so you have to add your email for a second time when signing up just to make sure you dont type it in wrong. Its a simple plugin but very useful.

As you can see when looking around the forums peoples group colour shows up on posts and a few other places around the website. this makes it easier to tell who is in what user group.

Last plugin I have installed is the good old donation plugin shown on the home page on the right side. It lets you donate some money to the community to help keep the website going. Also later on in the community's life it will be used to help with prized events.

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