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    New Website Theme

    By itsryan, in Home,

    As you may all now see, I have got us a new theme for the website. I have been looking for a theme for a long time and came accost this one a while ago but I wanted to hold out to try and get a better one. I finally caved and bought this.
    For the next few weeks I will be slowly working on the theme to make it more of a gaming theme. If anyone has theme related suggestions please post them in the suggestions section of the forums, and I will read them asap.
    P.S. for those who only use tapatalk, yes I know you cant see the theme......
    As some of you are aware I have added a few plugins to help get the website/ community up and going. The main plugin and biggest is tapatalk. For the few people who don't know what tapatalk is, its a plugin that lets users use there phone to go on forums and post from there phone. Tapatalk is becoming a must have plugin for all community's. I suggest you go and download tapatalk for your phone, its free to use and makes going to this community much easier.
    Confirm Email Address was the next plugin I installed, and it makes it so you have to add your email for a second time when signing up just to make sure you dont type it in wrong. Its a simple plugin but very useful.
    As you can see when looking around the forums peoples group colour shows up on posts and a few other places around the website. this makes it easier to tell who is in what user group.
    Last plugin I have installed is the good old donation plugin shown on the home page on the right side. It lets you donate some money to the community to help keep the website going. Also later on in the community's life it will be used to help with prized events.
    I have recently added ads back to the website because im going to be teaming up with another small community to help get this community back up to its glory as it once was. There are currently 2 ads on the website, one is below the first post of every topic and this is so people will see them and i will be able to maximize the impressions. So you are all aware impressions does not mean $$$, all it means is how many people have seen the ad in a given time. The second location is only seen by people who are not signed into the website and that can be seen at the very top of the page. For you who use a adblock, I use google ads only so it will only show ads from your search history. So please turn off the ad blocker while you are visiting the forums.
    I have just finished making a tutorial video on how to install Linux. There is many types of Linux and the one I have chosen is called Mint. Its similar to windows so people will be able to relate to it. In the video I gave step by step instructions on how to install Linux and update it to the newest version. Please take a look at the video if you are at all interested in a free alternative to windows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJv6xocV2XQ
    Yesterday I attempted a 24 hour stream but I only made it to 13 hours before i gave up and went to sleep.
    For the beginning of the stream I played TES3:Morrowind, that game is a rpg that puts you on a large island and have to find out why you are there and what you are going to do about it. The game was released years ago, so the textures and game plays differently then what most people are used to now a days. Morrowind is one of my favorite games and I will be playing it a lot more.
    The next game was This War of Mine. Its a different type of game, where all you do is loot places and try to keep your people alive. Its very challenging with a large amount of replay.
    The third game I played last night was Cities:Skylines. This game is the newest game out of the 3 where all you do if create a city and manage it so its making profit so you can expand the city. Its a basic concept but it takes hours to make a city that's large enough to support 50k people and even longer to make it so the traffic in the city is running smoothly. In the end this was the most fun I had last night only because I was getting tired and doing stupid things to my city. I filled a large lake with wind turbines and made a 6 line highway to all 4 corners of the city.
    In the end I enjoyed the live stream and will be doing a great amount more.
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